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COVID-19 Resources For Healthcare Providers

Managing PPE - Related Skin Damage

PPE-induced skin damage, particularly on facial skin, is typically mechanically-induced.
  • Discontinue any topical retinoids (as these thin the stratum corneum & predispose to friction injury)
  • Mechanical barrier (cut into strips and apply to pressure areas, e.g. bridge of nose). Be sure to seal-check mask after application. Removal of adhesive strips can be assisted with mineral oil on a Q-tip to loosen the adhesive, & using lateral traction on the tape for removal.
  • Brian Morrison at University of Miami produced a great short video for taping & removal techniques using 3M Microfoam Tape & Duoderm:  Click To Watch Video
  • Duoderm hydrocolloid extra thin:  Click To Learn More
  • CicaTape Soft Silicone Tape:  Click To Lean More
  • Comfeel® Plus Transparent:  Click To Lean More
  • 3M Cavilon No-Sting Barrier Film (allow to dry before mask application)
For pressure points where air seal is not needed (e.g. backs of ears, etc.)
  • Mepilex Lite Foam Dressing 
  • Flexzan Foam Adhesive dressing
Treatment of active inflammation
  • OTC Hydrocortisone BID-TID for up to 2 weeks
Treatment of skin breakdown
  • Biafine emulsion
  • Vaseline
  • Aquaphor Healing Ointment
  • Vaniply
  • Stratamed